WOW! This Is The Best IDEA Coming Out of COVID-19 Shutdowns!

  • May 28, 2020

Yes, we are serious - it is one of those FUN products.  When we received the official release notice from our supplier late this afternoon, our first thought was they must be kidding.  After looking further, we have to share this with you.   Here is what they said:   


And we are so happy to announce to all of you that not only are we back open for regular biz, we are back and better than ever as we release to the world our latest, greatest can holder. Inspired by equal parts stupidity and brilliance, we are putting the ultimate tool in your hands to quite literally be the “hero that puts your client's event back on the calendar.” … you’re welcome.

Whether we believe it or not, Social Distancing will be with us in the new 'norm" for quite awhile.  This is a fun way to do the "distancing" when out and about at the camp grounds, the lake or any other place you go to relax,  These are available in two styles, one that is 1/8" thick high-density Scuba Foam and the other is High-Quality Neoprene (wet suit material).  You choose the color(s) of can holder and "thread" color.

As the supplier said:

Say hello to the savior of the summer, the Drink-A-Link. Yeah, it's two can holders connected with webbing, you're not dreaming! Not only does it provide a dummy-proof measure for safe social distancing, but it is also arguably the most entertaining can holder on the market. What other can holders is also a jump rope, a limbo bar, a rope for tug of war, and a literal people-connector? With multiple Drink-A-Links, you can build shapes, keep up with the fast walker, and even play red rover!