• Apr 16, 2023


A good promotional item is not just an inexpensive or expensive item that you can pass out to current customers, prospective customers, employees, onboarding new employees or just a thank you gift.  You must consider the person receiving the item.  What is of interest to them?

Always view a promotional product by considering the following:

1. USEFULNESS:  Will the recipient find it useful in their daily lives.

2. NECESSITY:  Will it solve a problem or need for them?

3. LONGEVITY:  How long will the item last?  How many times will the recipient look at the item and remember your company or show it to others as something that is a great, fun item.

4. SUSTAINABILITY:  This is becoming more and more important with many people.  We are all aware of the many problems created by discarding items that are destroying our environment.  It is important to look at how long a product will have a useful life how it can safely be disposed of at the end of life.  There are many items on the market today make of bamboo, wheat straw, recycled water bottles and much more.

5. GIVE BACK PROGRAMS:  Will my purchase of this product help organizations and people who need help?  There are many suppliers who have Give Back Programs to help save the oceans, provide books to Third World Countries, provide assistance to our veterans, recycle many products that are creating problems with our landfills.

Here are just a few of the product ideas that fit some or all of the above.

1. Pens:  Yes, a very common item for a promotional product.  A pen will change hands at least seven times during its life.   It is useful, a necessity, has longevity, many are made of sustainable products, such as bamboo and wheat straw.  And yes, there are pen suppliers with Give Back Programs.

2. Tumblers, mugs and other similar items are also extremely useful to many people.  These items are also now available in many different sustainable products plus have some great Give Back Programs.

3. Tech items:  Phone chargers, speakers, phone stands, etc. are also items that people use on a daily basis; hence making great give-a-ways.  Like pens and tumblers, sustainability is becoming key.

4. Apparel:  Shirts, Ball Caps, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Tote Bags and other similar items can now meet all five of the above points.

The list is endless.  Visit our website at https://www.logarrow.com for more great ideas!



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