Supply Chains - How to Win in a Season of Challenges!

  • Sep 30, 2021

 Supply Chains – How to Win in a Season of Challenges!

(An appeal from Teresa & Bonnie, your promo marketing specialists)

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It’s football season. We’re fans!  We ordered some magnetic football schedules to mail out to prospective customers. A useful item with hi-visibility on the fridge door. It was not to be. Apparently, there’s a huge shortage of magnet material.  The supplier’s earliest ship date to us was the beginning of October, even though we had ordered in August!  We cancelled the order.  FUMBLED ON THE 5 YARD LINE!

We’ve known for months that the supply chain has been struggling. We get daily emails from suppliers about lack of inventory, price increases, increased production times. Why is this?  The global pandemic has created:

·                     A shortage of raw materials

·                     Labor shortages creating long production times

·                     Transportation issues – back up of products in ports due to container and labor shortages, coupled with an increase in demand creating space shortages.

·                     Substantial increases in prices (caused by all of the above) all with little or no notice.


The way forward – A Coach’s Mindset – Put Yourself in the best position to succeed!

A winning season always has challenges.  In this season we encourage you to:

1.            Plan and order (way) ahead.

a.            As we approach Q4 and the holiday season we will face stiffer competition getting to the End Zone. Now is the time to act!

2.            Be flexible

a.            Your wide receivers are having a bad day. Switch to your running game!  So it is with promo products – that jacket you chose as an employee gift is out of stock. Plan B is choice #2 jacket, plan C a good quality sweatshirt. We can work through this together to get you to the end zone!

3.            For products you know you’ll want to re-order later, order more than you need now unless you are willing to accept long delays.  (What a turn of events this is!). (Those second string players who are on the side line may be your secret weapon!)

We are here to help you through this season, which unlike football is likely to continue into Q2 2022!

Thank you for your business and trust in us.

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