What We Offer

Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing!  If you want or need a promotional item, we are your source.

We specialize in helping small businesses, non-profits, teams, and any other types of organizations.  
We now offer in-house screen printing as well! Contact us for more details.

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Small businesses can create a professional image at an affordable price! We can help you do it!

Each advertising promotional product you have reflects who you are and creates the image you project to your potential customers.

We print in-house on a variety of paper & card stock. We specialize in customized low volume orders. (With us, you don’t have to buy a 3 year supply!)

Let us help you out with your printing needs

Promotional Products

An imprinted promotional product has an advantage over standard advertising because, in addition to conveying a name or message, it is usually a useful item (e.g. coffee cup, calculator, hat, etc.) that achieves repeated exposure.

Browse our site to select from thousands of promotional items. For more information on pricing and how to order, please contact us!

For smaller quantities, please Request a Quote. We produce a number of items “in-house” and can offer suggestions and pricing on low-volume requirements.

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If you need embroidered apparel, we can help! Create a professional look for your business by having your corporate logo embroidered on shirts, caps, etc.

Have a team event, fund raiser, or family re-union & want to create something special, coordinated, & professional? Let us help you create your team appearance.

Visit www.companycasuals.com/logarrow to select wearables and accessories.  Choose your product(s) with sizing and color and upload your logo or text if you wish. Submit your inquiry for a price quote for the product(s) and custom embroidery or screen printing.

We embroider a wide variety of items

Logarrow Terms for Embroidery Services

Digitizing Logos, etc:
New designs will need to be digitized for embroidery.  Complexity of the design and not the stitch count determines the digitizing costs.  Digitizing costs for a simple logo normally starts at $50.  The more complex the logo, the more time required to convert the logo, hence the higher the costs.
Digitizing includes one sample sew-out.

Approval of Logos:
After you have reviewed the sew-out & it is acceptable, please fax back the approval form OR email us to confirm acceptance.  We need a written approval of your logo before we begin stitching your garment.

Names Only (no logo):
Standard size names (less than 2500 stitches) can be digitized and sewn for $6.50 per name/per location.

Embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches in the digitized design.  As a rule of thumb, cap logos or simple logos (2” wide by 1.5” high plus lettering) normally are 7000 stitches or less.  2” x 3” logos normally are around 8000 stitches with 3” x 3” logos being approximately 9000 stitches.  Complexity of the logo can increase the number of stitches.  The above estimates are based on approximate stitch counts.  Final pricing will be based on actual stitches.  Actual stitches will be determined after the logo is digitized and a sample sew-out is provided.

Policy for Damaged/Spoiled Items:
Sometimes, mistakes happen. Human error (transposing a number, for example) or machine error/breakdown can result in a poorly or incorrectly embroidered garment. In the event that an error is made, Logarrow Marketing will issue a credit for:

  • Wrong logo sewn (if sewn differently from the logo approved from the sew-out).
  • Logo sewn in wrong location (if different from approved order).
  • Logo sewn in wrong color (if different from approved order).
  • Garments damaged while in the possession of Logarrow Marketing. In no event, will credit be issued for customer garments received in poor condition.  Liability is limited to a maximum of $40.00 per item sewn.

Turnaround Time:
Allow 7 workdays from receipt of acceptable artwork, for digitizing your logo. Garments usually completed in 5-7 workdays from approval of sew-out, depending on quantity ordered. Turnaround time for large orders will be advised upon approval of sew-out.

Payment Terms:
Payment is due at time of order placement.  For large orders, a deposit may be required. We accept payment through PayPal.

Shipping Information and Charges:
Shipping charges will be based on standard UPS rates current at time of shipment. All shipments are FOB Origin. Goods will not be insured unless requested prior to shipment. Additional charges will apply.


One of the keys to a successful business is a good marketing strategy. We can help you identify the best options suited for your business, target market, & budget.

We will customize a complete marketing plan for you which would cover:

  • Advertising opportunities
  • Trade Show presence
  • Promotional items
  • Corporate image
  • Cost Analysis
  • Time lines

Why use Logarrow Marketing Services to help define your marketing strategy?

  • A professional, cost effective approach for reaching your customers
  • Over fifteen years experience in sales & marketing in Corporate America
  • Frees up your time to concentrate on what you do best, helping your customers
  • Provides the means to help you educate your potential customers about your product/service and helps you develop a good public image with promotional activities
  • We are a small business ourselves who understand the needs of the small business; high quality, low volume products and services

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