Get A Grip - Literally!

We recently purchased some tote bags and imprinted them with our contact details along with "Versatility With Style".  We thought this fitting for a bag with multiple pockets of different sizes, adjustable straps and made out of sturdy 600D poly.  But I digress......this post isn't about tote bags, but it is about versatility.

In the promotional products world there are few products more versatile than the simple jar opener.  I suspect, if you check one of the drawers in your kitchen, that you own more than one.  We do and they get used for the purpose for which they were designed - opening jars.  But, the neat thing is they have multiple other uses.  Point in case - when we had a leaky faucet my business partner's daughter and her husband were visiting for the weekend - he asked me for a rubber jar opener which he used with a wrench to tighten a connection under the sink.  Leak fixed with the help of a $0.50 promotional item!

Putting this item to work for you and your business is aided by additional versatility.  The jar opener is available in numerous colors, shapes and materials (including rubber, silicone, re-cycled tires, microfiber etc).

So...if you are a healthcare facility and have a "heart-healthy" education program, you could choose a heart-shaped jar opener to convey your message and....because jar openers are compact and flexible, you could mail them to the community to encourage participation in the program.

A few other uses for the versatile jar opener:

  • Placing under a throw rug to prevent slipping on tile
  • Placing between iron skillets when storing to prevent rust
  • A coaster on your desk
  • Placing between the rod and tile to keep your shower curtain from falling
  • Help remove mouthpieces from trumpets and tubas

and the list goes on.  In fact there are even published lists available.

The question many uses can you name?  More interestingly, what is your most unusual application for a jar opener?  Please share with us!