Take the Headache Out of Move-In!

September 21st is the North Valley Property Owners' Association (NVPOA) second Housing Expo in Redding.  We'll be there as a vendor along with other vendors all offering products and services supporting the rental housing industry.

The Expo is structured to provide educational sessions & a keynote speaker acclaimed in the leasing & apartment industry as a multi-family speaker.  There'll be plenty of networking opportunities, too!

Whether you are a Property Manager or a private individual with rental properties, this is an ideal event to get up to date information that directly affects you & your business.

As an industry partner of NVPOA we are always looking for opportunities to work with rental housing professionals in a mutually advantageous way.  Applications such as the one following help demonstrate the effectiveness of promotional products:

"A housing company that managed several apartments in a large neighborhood wanted to show appreciation to new tenants after they signed a lease.  Staff came up with a unique idea: when tenants picked up their keys, a staff member would provide a company-logoed ibuprofen bottle to help lessen the stress of moving in and settling down, while also including discounts to an internet provider, a nearby pizzeria and more.  People loved it, and many referring others to the company would mention the "Ibuprofen Welcome" to those interested in renting with them."

Before the educational sessions or during lunch, please remember to stop by to see us and the other NVPOA Industry Partners who are there to support you.  Pick our brains, book an appointment to meet to discuss opportunities.  Share your success stories with us!