Spotlight on "Gizzies"!

Those of you who know us understand the importance of "gizzies" in the role of marketing.  This week is Promotional Products Work Week and yes, you've got it, in our world a "gizzie" is a promotional product!  How did we get there?  Well...I was making a presentation one day and got lost for words - "gizzies" seemed appropriate to describe the wide and numerous varieties of items on display- it stuck!  And there you have it - Promotional Products Work!

So...Promotional Products Work Week is an international industry wide awareness campaign to educate on the importance of promotional products in the marketing mix along with the value a promotional products consultant brings to the table.  For our part this week we are co-hosting a Chamber of Commerce Greeters event on Wednesday morning and educating our networking group on Thursday.  Both events are open for visitors.  Just let us know if you want to come and we'll give you the details.

So, ask yourself, if a targeted promotional program drives more traffic to your booth at the next trade show and creates more opportunity to engage with potential customers, would you invest in that opportunity?  That's one example of how promotional products can work for you!