Be Thankful - For Nurses!

It was early on that I realized I wasn't cut out to be a nurse.  To start with I hated biology at school,  particularly dissecting animals.  It was much later that I came to appreciate the character traits that define a good nurse; compassionate, patient, calm & even-tempered, good communicator - and the list goes on.

If you know a nurse, this goes without saying.  However, if, like me, you grew up not knowing a nurse personally and you were fortunate enough not to need to visit a doctor or hospital very often, then you may not have appreciated what it takes to be in the nursing world.

Over the last 5 years, due to family health issues, I've become more familiar with our local hospitals than I wish to be.  This has been quite an eye-opener!  On a positive note I've met some fabulous nurses and MA's who really helped our family member during the recovery process.

May 6th - 12th is National Nurses Week, the 6th being Nurses Day.  (check out  If you know a nurse remember to say "thank you".  If you have nurses and MAs working for you it's not too late to plan how you'll show your appreciation.  Maybe it's a special luncheon and/or an appreciation gift - we can help! (

Nurses Rock!