Coloring to Care

We recently spoke with several suppliers about their Adult Coloring Books.  If you use one you know the designs are quite intricate.  We had no idea these books are currently so popular.  So we took some samples to a few clients to get their input.  Surprise......they all have them and love them!

Primarily used for relaxation and to reduce stress these books can be branded with your logo on the cover.  This gives you the opportunity to show your customers and employees that you care.

We were surprised at the wide range of industries who purchase these books (usually accompanied by coloring pencils) either as gifts for their clients or for their employees. Healthcare may be expected to be on the list - Doctor's offices, assisted living and rehabilitation facilities,  as would be  banks, financial planners and insurance agents.

More creatively, wine bars find that providing coloring books and pencils increases their sales because customers stay longer and order another glass of wine!  Furniture stores give coloring books and pencils as a gift.  It makes sense. You purchase a sofa and chairs and you want to relax.

So... get creative, think outside the box and show people you care while promoting your brand!