The Gift (no strings attached)!

I always get excited when UPS arrives with a package.  maybe it's a sample product or an order of lip balm (one of life's necessities as far as I'm concerned).  The point is, until I open the box, I'm receiving a surprise.

So what if you can instill a similar feeling of excitement with your clients?  You can!  Say "Thank You" when they least expect it by sending them a gift.  Gift baskets are nice but all too often, once the contents are gone, so are the memories of who gifted it.  I would recommend including something branded with your logo and message (make it more than a business card) but do also include a personalized note. your homework first - a travel tumbler imprinted with your logo along with a gift card to your local coffee shop is a great idea unless your client doesn't frequent coffee shops and avoids caffeine!

Other than travel tumblers flashlights offer a versatile solution - large, small, gift boxed, some flat and easily mailable - and practical too - they are as much an office desk item as an emergency standby for the car or to keep at home for those power outtages.  Your client will be reminded of you each time they use the gift and see your logo and contact details.

A client of ours relayed to us how she was caught in a hotel room in the Mid-West when a bad storm hit the area and caused a wide power outtage.  Her "Smashlight" (a very thin flashlight), which she kept in her pocket, saved the day as it was the only light source available.  A practical gift from Logarrow, with a positive impact.

From a personal perspective, we've recently used that same style flashlight in a restaurant. Reading the menu when the overhead lights were out was proving to be a difficult task.  "Smashlight" to the rescue!  

"The Gift" (no strings attached) - rarely given, always appreciated!